Which Streaming Device is Right for You?

Streaming your favorite TV shows is a no-brainer, but buying the right streaming device can be tricky. Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular ones out there.

If you’ve ever seen a small stick or box plugged into the back of your friend’s TV, you were probably looking at a streaming device. These connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network so you can stream entertainment right from the internet to your TV.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular ones out there:

Amazon Fire TV Stick – Enjoy more than 190 channels and apps, from Netflix to HBO NOW to live TV and sports. Alexa, Amazon’s personal assistant, is built into the remote so you can find a movie, play a song, or order a pizza using just your voice. And if you have Amazon Prime membership, you’ll gain access to all sorts of extra content.

Apple TV – Stream movies, music and more from iTunes and dozens of popular apps. Siri is integrated into the remote, and you can also mirror content from your iPhone, iPad or Mac onto your TV – making it a great choice if you already use Apple products. It also connects with accessories like game controllers, speakers, and headphones.

Roku Streaming Stick – Roku offers the widest selection of content, with access to over 500,000 movies and TV episodes. To find what you want to watch at the lowest price (or for free,) you can search by title or actor across multiple streaming services and apps. Plus, the remote comes with voice control so you can search with ease.

Google Chromecast – This device is different in that it allows you to stream from any one of your devices to the big screen. That way you can use your phone or tablet to connect to Chrome, YouTube or just about any streaming service, and then use it as a remote for your TV. It’s also one of the least expensive options out there.

If you decide to look into these cord-cutting alternatives, you’ll notice that they also have higher-end models that offer premium features like support for 4K video streaming.

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