Take Better Photos with Your iPhone

Anyone can snap a photo with their smartphone, but what if you could capture striking images that made you look like a pro? It only takes a few tweaks and a basic understanding of composition—the way you create balance and draw attention to what’s important.

Use these four principles to bring out your inner photographer.

Rule of Thirds

This technique will help you decide where to place the focal point of your shot. First, turn on your phone’s grid feature:


  1. Open Settings > Camera.
  2. Tap the switch to turn on the Grid.
  3. Swipe up or return to the Home screen.
  4. Open the Camera app. You’ll see a 3×3 grid on your screen that looks like tic-tac-toe.

Position the most important object in the frame (like the plate of food you wanted to Instagram) on one of the lines or where the lines intersect.


Photos with symmetrical objects and backgrounds tend to be more aesthetically pleasing. An easy way to incorporate symmetry is to switch from your default camera mode to a square.

Open the Camera app and swipe left twice to switch to Square mode. Try to include imagery and patterns that reflect one another, divided by a centerline—like the sun setting over the ocean.

Point of View

Taking a photo from eye-level is easy, but it’s not your only option. Using different angles and points of view—far away, down low, behind the subject, from the side—can make your photos more dynamic. You can also get up close with your Zoom feature.

Open the Camera app and tap the 1x circle to quickly zoom in.

Depth of Field

When there are multiple people or objects in your photo, it can be hard to make one thing stand out. Give your photo more dimension and contrast by adding elements in at least two distances, such as up close and far away.

Only one subject in your photo? Add depth with Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, or later.

Open the Camera app and swipe left for Portrait mode.

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