Budget-Friendly Alternatives to the Apple Watch Series 4

Here are three options under $200, just in time for Black Friday.
Since its release in September, millions of people have ordered the Apple Watch Series 4. And with Black Friday and the holidays approaching, millions more will be headed to the store to purchase the device, which costs $399 (or $499 with cellular). But if that amount breaks your budget, there are several cheaper options.

Here are three smartwatches compatible with iOS and Android that provide most of the same functionality for a fraction of the cost:

Amazfit BIP ($79)

The Amazfit BIP may not be the flashiest choice, but the battery life alone (30+ days on one charge) makes this affordable smartwatch tough to beat, especially compared with Apple’s 18 hours.

Ticwatch E ($129)

The Ticwatch E is a great option if you’re looking for a bigger smartwatch with a smaller price tag. With a 44-millimeter case, its size is comparable to the larger, more expensive version of the Apple Watch Series 4 (starts at $429 but jumps to $529 with cellular). But the Ticwatch’s round face and left-side buttons make it look like a more traditional time piece.

Fitbit Versa ($199)

The Fitbit Versa isn’t just a fitness tracker; it’s also a smartwatch. Like the Apple Watch Series 4, it comes with tons of health features, including 15+ exercise modes and tracking options built specifically for women (to log menstrual cycles and measure ovulation). While those may not compare to Apple’s electrocardiogram (ECG) app on the Series 4, the watch will monitor other important aspects of your health without needing a charge for up to five days.

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