How Do I Stop My Android Phone Screen from Rotating?

How to keep your screen from rotating with Orientation Lock.

Most of us use our phones as devices with vertical screens — that is, taller than they are wide. That’s how smartphones were designed, and most of our apps work with that kind of orientation. But sometimes we need something… wider. Maybe we’re watching the latest must-binge Netflix series or playing a driving game or shooting some video of our own. In those cases, we want our screens to be horizontal, or wider than it is tall. Enter: Portrait orientation.

Devices like Android phones dynamically reorient to match how you’re holding it. So if you’re typing a text vertically then turn the phone to watch a movie, the screen automatically switches from a vertical to horizontal orientation. And, normally, that’s what you want. But sometimes, phones can get a little wonky and rotate at weird times and in strange ways. To prevent that and to keep your screen in one position, Android provides a handy feature called Auto-rotate. And turning it on (or off) couldn’t be easier.

  1. Swipe to open the Control Panel.
  2. Locate the Auto-rotate icon, which looks like two arrows bent into a circle.
  3. If Auto-rotate is on, the icon will be blue. Tap it turn it off and the icon will turn gray. Tap the icon again to turn it back on.

That’s it. Now, enjoy your apps and movies and creativity any way you want!

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