How Do I Copy and Paste Text on My iPhone?

How to master copying and pasting text on your iPhone.

When we’re using a computer, we take for granted how easy it is to copy and paste a bit of text from one document or website to another. But on an iPhone, it can be a little trickier — especially if you have big fingers and a small screen! But there are ways to make copy-pasting text on your device a little simpler and aggravation free.

  1. Locate the text you want to copy — be it from an email, tweet, or app.
  2. Lightly tap a word in the text to highlight to bring up two sliders. Adjust the range of the highlighted text by moving the sliders.
  3. Once you have everything selected, tap Copy.
  4. Open the app or webpage where you want to paste the text.
  5. Tap and hold in the text box to bring up the Paste option. Tap Paste, and boom — your text is right where you want it.

If you want to copy text from Messages, the process is slightly different:

  1. Lightly tap and hold a text bubble, and you’ll get the option to respond to that text with a heart, thumbs up, and other emoji.
  2. You’ll also be given the option, at the bottom of the screen, to copy all the text.
  3. Unfortunately, you can’t copy a selection from a message, only the entire message. So once you paste the text into wherever it’s going, you’ll need to some editing.

Pro tip: Sometimes getting your highlighted text just right can be a challenge (again, for those of us with big fingers). But Apple has a nifty hack to create a cursor on your iPhone screen. Whenever you are given the keyboard, light tap and hold the spacebar. You’ll get a haptic bump — and a cursor! Keep your finger pressed to the screen and move the cursor exactly where you want it. This will help get your text copied faster and more accurately, and it’s just a cool trick to have in your back pocket.

Now, go forth and share as much text as your fingers can highlight!

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