Connect Your Android to a Wi-Fi Network

Connecting to wireless internet (Wi-Fi) on your phone is a great way to access your favorite apps and websites when cell service is weak or you’re trying to conserve mobile data. The steps are the same for every network, so follow these instructions to connect to Wi-Fi, whether you’re at home, at the office, or in a public place.

Public networks are less secure, especially if they don’t require passwords, so it’s best to avoid accessing sensitive information like your bank account from those.

How to Connect to Wi-Fi

  1. Open Settings. Tap Connections or Wireless and Networks and turn on the switch for Wi-Fi.
  2. Choose the network you want to use from the list. You’ll need to know the network name and password (if required).
    • For your home Wi-Fi, you can find this information on your internet router.
    • If it’s a work or public Wi-Fi network, ask the owner or administrator.
  3. Enter the password and tap Connect. Select Auto reconnect if you plan to use the network often (e.g. at home, at work, or at a friend’s house).

Once you’re connected, you should see the Wi-Fi icon at the top of your screen. Simple, right?

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