4 Bluetooth Devices You Definitely Don’t Need

But if you add them to your Amazon Wish List, we’re not judging.

Right now, it’s hard to find a gadget that doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth, the amazing technology that keeps our favorite tech items connected wirelessly. From headphones and speakers to gaming controllers and the smartphone in your pocket, Bluetooth is everywhere. Like Drake.

But too much of a good thing can get weird. And lately, manufacturers have gotten Bluetooth-happy: scroll through Amazon and you’ll see a bunch of stuff that has Bluetooth for no good reason. Here are a few of the strangest Bluetoothed items. And if you add them to your Wish List, don’t worry, we’re not judging:

Wilson X Connected Football

The Wilson X Connected football tracks your throws and breaks them down by distance, velocity, and spiral rate. It features five game modes so you can play as your favorite team or compete against your biggest NFL rival (let’s assume you have one). Post your stats in the Wilson X Connected app, and see how you rank against other quarterbacks. Being a first-round pick in the next game backyard football, however, is on you.

SMALT Salt Shaker

You’ve probably been wondering why your salt shaker doesn’t play music and feature mood lighting. (I know, me, too.) But wonder no more: the SMALT is a salt shaker that does all of that. This triple threat contraption adds flavor to dishes and entertains guests with new tunes and ambient, color-changing light. SMALT even tracks your sodium intake through the connected app each time you add salt to a meal.


Speaking of gratuitous bluetooth kitchen gadgets, HAPIfork tracks your eating habits to help you slow down at the table, which is supposed to have something to do with weight loss and digestive health. Devouring that tiramisu a little too eagerly? HAPIfork will light up and gently vibrate to remind you to chill. It also measures the duration of your meal and number of “fork servings” taken per minute, then sends the data to your phone. Pair the HAPIfork with the SMALT Salt Dispenser and you can basically have a rave at the dinner table.

Kohler Underscore Bathtub

This device features hidden speakers that play music and send sound waves through the water for a gentle massage. Choose one of Kohler’s instrumental compositions, or sync a playlist from your phone if you really want to feel the bass.

These high-tech bathtubs are just the start of a Bluetooth-enabled bathroom. There’s a Kohler showerhead-and-wireless-speaker combo, a voice-activated mirror, and—you guessed it—a Bluetooth-enabled toilet. You can check out the features on that one yourself.

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